It gives me considerable sadness to announce that Robin Foy has passed away.
For those of you who have no knowledge of him I can tell you that he was beyond question one of the greatest supporters of physical mediumship over a period of many years.

Indeed, it was he who back in 1990 launched the Noah’s Ark Society for Physical Mediumship (see the link below) which quickly attracted members from all over the world and its growth was literally epidemic.

In subsequent years Robin together with his wife Sandra continued to champion Spiritualism but more directly Physical Mediumship.

I think back to my first meeting with him and the fact that our paths crossed.
Had that not occurred – had I not had the good fortune to meet and be influenced by him then in all probability I would have remained entirely within my long running Home Circle and would certainly not have emerged to occasionally hold public séances. That is a fact and it shouts out the respect that I had (and still have) for one of Spiritualisms true champions.

It is a sobering thought that without Robin Foy entering into my life then the hundreds of fellow Spiritualists that I have met, known and come to regard as valued friends, would never have crossed my path.

In all honesty I have so much to thank him for.

Now, he has passed to the Spirit World and beyond doubt upon his arrival there he will have been greeted by a great many souls, who, in common with myself, feel indebted to him.

New Archives Website for the ‘Noah Ark Society’: https://noahsarksocietyarchive.org/


Hello and a very warm welcome to my website where I hope that many friends, both old and new, will enjoy learning about my experiences of Trance and Physical Mediumship for a long time to come. I also hope that you will enjoy the additional content available within the pages. Through this online presence, my goal is to encourage the formation and development of more home circles out of which new generations of trance and physical mediums may emerge and demonstrate the wondrous reality of survival of the human soul beyond death and tangible communication between the two worlds.
My best wishes to you all – Stewart Alexander

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