ANNOUNCEMENT FROM STEWART: For almost twenty years I held my ‘Stewart Alexander & Friends’ weekend Seminars twice each year at the wonderful Cober Hill ‘retreat/hotel’ which is situated in the village of Cloughton which lies between Scarborough and Whitby in East Yorkshire.

Of course I was and have always been aware that a great many of the attendees were regulars and consequently many friendships were made at them.

However, since the Seminars finally ended I have received so many requests from many past attendees asking: ‘When Can We Go Back To Cober Hill’ ?

Evidently many past attendees have been missing just being there as much as I myself have.

So – in consequence – I have finally taken the decision (together with Alf and June Winchester who organised the past seminars on my behalf) to hold a kind of ‘Social Weekend Reunion’ there at the end of June but please note that it will not be a seminar, just a get together.

Anyone interested in attending the event must make contact with Cober Hill directly – Telephone Number: 01723 870310

Of course it will be an opportunity for so many people to finally ‘link-up’ again and that in itself has to be so very much welcomed.


Hello and a very warm welcome to my website where I hope that many friends, both old and new, will enjoy learning about my experiences of Trance and Physical Mediumship for a long time to come. I also hope that you will enjoy the additional content available within the pages. Through this online presence, my goal is to encourage the formation and development of more home circles out of which new generations of trance and physical mediums may emerge and demonstrate the wondrous reality of survival of the human soul beyond death and tangible communication between the two worlds.
My best wishes to you all – Stewart Alexander

In 1990 the ‘Noah’s Ark Society for Physical Mediumship’ was launched and quickly attracted members from all over the world and in consequence its growth was literally epidemic.

Prior to its launch Physical Mediumship had virtually disappeared from the Spiritualist movement and the Society’s intention was to encourage the formation/creation of Physical development Circles and it would provide help, encouragement, support and advice to them – that was its intention and that is precisely what it did.

I subsequently became its very first member and I was privileged to be appointed its Archives Officer and later its President and my articles about Physical Mediumship of the past were published in its monthly Newsletter.

Had the Society not have been launched then it is a distinct possibility that I would have remained solely within my long running Home Circle and almost certainly not have emerged to occasionally hold public séances. Sadly, for various reasons, the Society only lasted a few years and it’s truly excellent monthly Newsletters would have disappeared forever had it not been for Lew Sutton (an accredited member of the Society) who recently took the time and trouble to put them on-line. To say that I would highly recommend them would be something of an understatement.
Here is the link: New Archives Website for the ‘Noah Ark Society’: https://noahsarksocietyarchive.org/

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The Spiritual Truth Foundation is hosting the American Psychic Observer Newspaper. This unique Spiritualist Newspaper has been digitally scanned and is now available to everyone. Founded in 1937 at Lily Dale and first issued in August 1938, the paper was modelled on the successful British Psychic News. The paper in various formats finally closed in 1981. This private collection covers 1943 to 1957, and four copies of the Californian Spiritualist magazine Chimes are included. Please visit:

A brand new feature for visitors – a unique interview with Stewart by a researcher from the USA who has recently sat with Stewart’s home circle and now a shared discussion about all that took place is present for you to hear and learn from. Click the image below to visit hear the podcast.


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