We will keep you up to date with any announcements from Stewart within this page.

06/12/2022 – Please see below two new interviews – one is with author Leslie Kean and discusses her work into Surviving Death and the other is with Stewart Alexander. Enjoy!

02/08/2022The Spiritual Truth Foundation is hosting the American Psychic Observer Newspaper. This unique Spiritualist Newspaper has been digitally scanned and is now available to everyone. Founded in 1937 at Lily Dale and first issued in August 1938, the paper was modelled on the successful British Psychic News. The paper in various formats finally closed in 1981. This private collection covers 1943 to 1957, and four copies of the Californian Spiritualist magazine Chimes are included. Please visit:

28/06/2022A brand new feature for visitors – a unique interview with Stewart by a researcher from the USA who has recently sat with Stewart’s home circle and now a shared discussion about all that took place is present for you to hear and learn from. Click the image below to visit hear the podcast.


04/03/2022 – EVIDENCE OF THE AFTERLIFE, Episode 35 – An interview with the Physical Medium Stewart Alexander:

Also available as podcast editions on APPLE or on SPOTIFY by following the links highlighted.

08/12/2021 – A new update with information about the Stewart Alexander Archive Collection and its new home in the USA can be found on the HOME PAGE updates or just click this link here: The Stewart Alexander Collection Update

30/06/2021 – A great new interview with Stewart for the You Tube channel “Discover Your Potential”

30/03/2021 – As many people know, I have no interest whatsoever in self-advertising. However, shortly following the publication of my revised updated book, I began to receive creditable interview Invitations. Having no interest or wish to be interviewed I dismissed them. However, it was repeatedly pointed out to me that these were opportunities to speak about the book and therefore get the message of survival and communication out into the world. Therefore, I finally took the decision to place my reluctance to one side and for the greater good accept on the basis and understanding that the Interviews would be centred upon the book and also upon the invaluable double CD Album: ‘Physical Séance Room Recollections’.

Stewart Alexander

20/03/2021 IT IS WITH GREAT DELIGHT THAT WE CAN ANNOUNCE THE RELEASE OF “The Grant Cameron Podcast – Surviving Death with Leslie Kean and Stewart Alexander.”

17/03/2021 – to hear Stewart’s interview on the ‘The Past Lives Podcast’ visit here:

16/01/2021 – It is with delight that we present Stewart’s PART 2 interview with Jeffrey Mishlove – you can see PART 1 by scrolling down this page, two posts, to 02/12/2020.

10/01/2021 – It is with great pleasure that we able to announce that a brand new audio interview, with Whitley Strieber and Stewart Alexander, has been released today – CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

02/12/2020 – Part 1 interview with Stewart Alexander is now available below.

28/09/2020 – Stewart’s book has now been revised and republished – An Extraordinary Journey is available for purchase on Amazon (link here) or via White Crow Books at

09/07/2018 – Following over twenty years of Seminars, held twice yearly in the North of England at the Cober Hill hotel/retreat, a decision was taken along with fellow organisers Alf and June Winchester, that they would be discontinued after 2018 although I would like to emphasise that this was not decided upon lightly.

Of course we were and we are aware that those Seminars were always eagerly looked forward to, and of course, over the years a great many long-term friendships had been formed over those special weekends.

So – with that in mind – we took the decision, that commencing in 2019 we would hold annually a weekend social event at Cober Hill where we could, as before, come together but in a different format. Whilst the first of these was held that year, sadly due to the Corona Virus the 2020 event had to be cancelled. However, we are pleased to announce that Pandemic permitting, we shall be holding one this year and details will be announced as soon as possible.

Warmest Regards,