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Hello to everyone who has opted into receiving occasional updates about the mediumship of Physical Medium, Stewart Alexander.

We just wanted to take a moment to announce that a brand new interview which features both Leslie Kean (the author of Surviving Death) and Stewart Alexander has now been published on the news page of Stewart’s website.

I asked Stewart if he could tell me a few words about the interviews that may help people understand his mission and he very kindly sent me the following: As many people know, I have no interest whatsoever in self-advertising. However, shortly following the publication of my revised and updated book, I began to receive creditable interview invitations. Having no interest or wishes to be interviewed I dismissed them. However, it was repeatedly pointed out to me that these were wonderful opportunities to speak about the book and therefore to get the message of survival and communication into the world. Therefore, I finally took the decision to place my reluctance to one side and for the greater good accept upon the basis and understanding that the interviews would be centred upon the book and also upon the invaluable double CD Album: ‘Physical Séance Room Recollections’.

Stewart Alexander

Many people don’t realise that for over 55 years Stewart has privately collected a library of RARE audio, all centred around mediums of the past and from this was born a double album featuring the astonishing first hand accounts of the séance room experiences by people who themselves are no longer within our world, all of them telling of their own phenomenal and extraordinary experiences with historic physical mediums such as Alec Harris, Helen Duncan and William Olson, among others.

Telling their own stories, in their own words, about the day that their own loved one materialised out of ectoplasm, before their very eyes, immediately recognisable and proving their survival to such a degree that their lives were changed forever!!!

This is an album that literally EVERYONE who is interested in tangible survival evidence should own this piece of history – their is only a limit number remaining so order your copy of PHYSICAL SÉANCE ROOM RECOLLECTIONS by clicking here

Many of the regular visitors to Stewart’s website will know that his circle leader, Ray, was struck down by Corona Virus in 2020 and we cannot tell you how ill he was having spent many month in hospital but it is a delight that Stewart signed off his message with the following words: Ray is now well on the road to recovery thanks to everyone who very kindly sent healing to him. As regular visitors to the website will know, he was for many weeks gravely ill with the Corona Virus. But he beat all the odds and today he is back to being ‘Ray’. Wonderful.

This is magnificent news to us all

So, now the all important links:
If you wish to purchase the double CD album Physical Séance Room Recollections or Stewart’s revised book, click here

To view the new interview featuring both Leslie Kean and Stewart, together, click here

Wishing you all the very best,

Warren James (WebMaster)
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