Stewart Alexander – “Touching the next Horizon” by Katie Halliwell

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Touching the Next Horizon
Katie Halliwell

Comment: In July 1999, at one of my Guest Circle evenings, a lady called Katie Halliwell was one of the sitters.

After that night she was to attend several more of our Guest Circles and in 2002 we felt moved to make her an Honorary member of the Circle.

Little did we realise then that the Spirit World had, in effect, orchestrated that because they saw in her an opportunity to further broadcast the reality of survival.

A year later (2003) her booklet ‘Experiences of Trance, Physical Mediumship and Associated Phenomena with the Stewart Alexander Circle’ was to be published. Within it she recounted her experiences and observations etc. within the Circle. Then, in 2006 under the same title, Part Two was to be released followed in 2011 by Part Three. However, that was not the end of her work because in 2020 she took the decision to blend all three parts into a book – a revised and updated version which is entitled: ‘Touching the Next Horizon’.

Published this year by SNPP it is an invaluable compilation of the three booklets and much more and it carries the message of survival loud and clear and I congratulate Katie Halliwell for taking the time and trouble to create it. Sincerely I hope that it will reach out well into the future with its clear message of survival and séance room communication.

Click here to purchase Katie’s book about our circle via Amazon
To obtain the audio files that accompany the book, recorded at our various circle meetings, then click here

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